Engineering and Inspection

Engineering and Inspection

Companies that fail to take out engineering insurance are missing out on essential protection for their machinery and plant.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t realise they need engineering insurance until it’s too late. If, like the vast majority of businesses, you rely on machinery and plant to get by, engineering and inspection services offer vital financial protection in the event that something should go wrong.

Engineering insurance provides cover for machinery and plant against electrical and mechanical breakdown. This includes computers, lifts and boilers, and can also include fixed equipment inside commercial vehicles. Engineering insurance can be extended to cover these items against damage caused by insured perils, be this accidental, or malicious.

Under UK law, most items of plant such as boilers, lifts and electrical equipment come with a statutory duty for inspection. Many of the insurers we deal with offer inspection services from qualified engineering surveyors, giving you peace of mind that this requirement is completely fulfilled. Several also offer technical advice so that your business can continue to run as smoothly as possible in the face of mechanical difficulties.

If required, we can extend your engineering insurance to cover sudden and unforeseen damage, including self-damage, damage to surrounding property and that caused by a third party, as well as any disruption that such damage may bring to your business. This may include the deterioration of goods stored in cold storage space, for example.

Whether you’re looking for a standalone engineering insurance policy or would like this bolted onto your main commercial insurance scheme, our expert brokers can help you find a suitable solution with a competitive premium. Call us on 01865 374215 or use the links to the right to request a quote or callback.