Public and Employers Liability

Public and Employers Liability

Our public and employers liability insurance solutions will ensure that your business is fully protected in case the worst should happen.

No matter how many precautions you might have in place, accidents do happen. Often, it can be as simple as a fall on a wet surface or even a spilt drink on a client’s computer. If a client, contractor or member of the public then makes a claim against your business, the consequences can be damaging at best; devastating at worst.

Public and employers liability insurance provide a safety net to minimise the financial impact in case the worst should happen. We can help you find appropriate cover for your business, ensuring that you’re fully protected but are not paying out more than is absolutely necessary.

Public liability insurance
Public liability insurance is essential for any business that has members of the public on its premises or carries out work on client sites. It provides financial protection in the event that a customer or member of the public should suffer an injury or loss in connection with your business activities. 

Employers liability insurance
All employers are legally required to have adequate employers liability insurance. The policy must cover you for no less than £5 million and be provided by an authorised insurer. This cover will protect your employees’ interests if they have an accident or become ill as a result of their work.

If you would like help finding the best public and employers liability insurance policies for your business, Windrush Insurance Brokers can help. Use the links to the right to request a quote or callback, or call us today on 01865 374215