Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance


As an expert commercial insurance broker, we realise that every customer’s requirements are different.

In order to account for this, a specialist commercial insurance executive will work closely with you, systematically talking you through every piece of information we require. This will enable us to produce the best quotation on the best terms, for what we consider to be the best cover.


The decisions our business insurance executives make on your behalf will depend on the variety of occupations and trades, the construction of the premises, any previous claims you have made and your business history. Factories, manufacturing units, engineers and the construction industry will all have different needs to the hi-tech and service organisations, for example, and we’ll factor this in when arranging your commercial insurance policy.


Our business insurance executives have expertise in all these areas so if you require specialist knowledge and advice, we suggest that you get in touch. There will always be someone here to help you. And whether we offer you a tailor-made, standalone or package product, you can rest assured that we will do so only after having surveyed the market and brokered the risk thoroughly.


For honest advice from a highly experienced and reliable commercial insurance executive, contact Windrush today. Information specific to your sector can be found by clicking through the links below.