Motor Trade

Motor Trade

We offer broad-ranging insurance solutions for motor traders of all kinds.

Whether you trade from home, a garage, workshop or car sales showroom, our experts at Windrush can help you find a motor traders insurance solution to suit your precise needs.

We offer combined motor trader insurance policies, which provide comprehensive protection against damage to your property, stock, machinery, tools and assets, as well as liability exposures such as claims resulting from defective workmanship.  Alternatively, we can offer cover for Road Risks only  for vehicles on the road. These policies can be tailored to suit any special requirements you might have, and we’ll take care to ensure that you are completely covered.

Cover against damage resulting from insured perils such as fire can be arranged for all owned and customer’s vehicles whilst at your premises. Customer loan cars can also be covered whilst being driven by your customers under the same policy. Other covers in your motor traders insurance policy can include:

  • Demonstration cover. This covers customers to test drive the vehicles that you are selling.
  • Loss of profits cover. This provides financial protection in the event that you are unable to trade as a result of an insured peril such as fire or flood.
  • Cover for loss of MOT licence. If your license is withdrawn or suspended, this cover will compensate for the loss of profits. Please note that exclusions can vary.
  • Engineering and inspection of your plant and machinery

No matter how simple or complex your motor trader insurance requirements might be, we can help you find the ideal solution. Call Windrush Insurance Brokers today on 01865 374215 or click on the links to the right to request a quote or callback.